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Generations of outstanding young women have grown, developed and acquired the skills necessary for future success.

Genazzano FCJ College is a strong and vibrant Catholic community that has continued to thrive for over 127 years. It remains today a generous community whose members have, over the years, contributed significantly to ensure that our College continues to excel.

We ask you to please make a gift to our Annual Appeal. With your support, we can achieve and together we can maintain the strength of our College and community and build a better future for all students.

Karen Jebb

Each donation
contributes to a better
future for all students.

Building our future

Genazzano FCJ College engenders a deep loyalty and passion from within its community. As parents, alumnae, teachers, grandparents and friends, we work together to nurture close connections within the College to ensure this community continues to thrive.

It is this connection that inspires so many to support the ongoing development of Genazzano. Your gifts assist with physical improvements to the College, as well as providing

life-changing opportunities for young people to become a part of this very special community through the Scholarship Fund.

In 2015, our Annual Giving program raised in excess of $300,000 for the Building, Library and Scholarship funds and Awards. We are grateful to all those who made a contribution to achieve this result. Thank you for your generosity and your continuing love for our College.

We seek your support and ask you to please make a gift to our Annual Appeal. You can nominate to donate to our Building, Library or Scholarships and Bursary funds.

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Library fund

The libraries, an important resource for students and staff alike, continue to offer opportunities for members of the College community to nourish their intellectual growth. Gifts to the Library Fund accelerate the renewal and upgrading of our libraries, and offer valuable new resources.

Many families have taken up the offer to purchase books for the library with a nameplate recognising the donation placed inside the book. Over recent years, donations have also contributed to significant improvements in our library environment, including soft furnishings, a casual meeting area and improved technology and software for students.

The entire College community benefits from every dollar the Library Fund receives.

This fund supports our objective to ensure the libraries are exciting learning environments, offering a combination of advanced research technologies and study facilities with casual/social spaces.

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Building fund

The College Building Fund ensures that our magnificent buildings and expansive garden surrounds can be maintained for future generations. The Building Fund supports the continued maintenance, restoration and future development of our College buildings. Furthermore, it strengthens our objective to provide facilities that serve to fulfil the College’s vision for its Student Learning and Wellbeing program, for both current and future students. This would not be possible without your continued generous support.

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Scholarships and Bursaries fund

The valued reputation of Genazzano is one of the primary reasons parents enrol their children here. It is also true that many parents and alumnae would love to educate their children at Genazzano but, for economic reasons, they are unable to do so.

Scholarships allow the College to enrich and diversify the student community, providing a benefit for all students. The Scholarships and Bursaries fund gives opportunities to those students who, ordinarily, would not be able to attend the College.

Please help us offer educational opportunities to young women who, as Genazzano graduates, will in time transform our world as the leaders and influencers of tomorrow.

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